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Use Any Trial Software Forever Free Using Time Stopper

Time Stopper

You wished to use any trial software free of charge always, but for you had to discover a Crack for this on internet, but if you failed you weren’t in a position to use the trial software any longer then. However now, it’s possible !!
Time Stopper enable you to run Trial Softwares without expiration forever.If you don’t have sufficient trial amount of any trial version software you can extend the trial period using  Time Stopper Game .

How it Works ?


Function of the right time stopper is to improve the day and time by getting into the software. Because of this time stopper will extend the trial amount of the scheduled program for an unlimited timeframe.

Time Stopper won't modify the right time and time of the operating-system.


RUN AS Time won't convert your trial version software to full version but it'll enable you to use your trial version software life time.

BUT We recommend you to choose the software that you like.

Time Stopper instantly


Time Stopper is a free of charge software.

It is installable.


Time Stopper aren't damaging any document.

You won't modify the right time and day of the operating-system.

Run trial software without expiration.

Anti trojan can’t identify or blocked Time Stopper 4.0 as a trojan.


The true way Time Stopper works

I don’t understand how it works really. But, whenever we are concentrating on a trial-ware’s    document using Time Stopper, it requires some conditions:


The trial-ware is within its trial period still.

Time Stopper will generate a fresh shortcut to “the unlimited time” of our trial-ware. So, do not execute the initial trial-ware’s shortcut (easier to take it off) , nor execute the initial trial-ware’s    document. If you execute the initial shortcut or the initial    document, you shall get mistake message such as “the program is rolled back bla-bla-bla…. “and you cannot any longer use the software.


Time Stopper can't be used for demo-mode applications, antivirus, applications that stay or mixed up in memory, or any other online applications and add-ins. It’s limited to offline applications.


How to Use ?


User left select “Search… (press button)” in “Time Stopper”. Search your installed trial version software in -]  home windows drive ] ]  Program Data files         ] ]  then find out your installed trial version software and choose that .exe document that will run your program.
Choose a date now.This new date will include within trial amount of the trial version software. Tomorrow as the time we recommend to choose.
You now shall in a position to build a desktop shortcut for future use. To make a desktop shortcut type the shortcut name and select create desktop shortcut and use these shortcut to open up the trial version software.

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