Topic: Xp per level

Hi guys, I want to clarify each xp needed to level up a fleet.
It is important because it will allow you to know the amount of ships you may add into a fleet without degrade the level.  exemple :
I have 1xx frigates level 10 with 6228 xp.
When i add a lvl 0 frigate, xp goes down to 6200.
228/28= 8,xx =>> I know that I can add 8  lvl 0 frigate and keep the 60%/60% bonus from level 10

Please help me to complete this list

  • Level 0 : 200 xp

  • Level 1 : 400 xp

  • Level 2 : 700 xp

  • Level 3 :

  • Level 4 : 1600 xp

  • Level 5 : 2200 xp

  • Level 6 : 2900 xp

  • Level 7 : 3700 xp

  • Level 8 : 4600 xp

  • Level 9 : 6000 xp

  • Level 10 : 6000 xp (fleet will continue to gain xp so you may add ships without degrade the level)

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Re: Xp per level

lvl3: 1100xp

if you want to know fleet exp after adding other joing them consider this:
Ac - fleet A ship count
Ax - fleet A exp per ship (it`s that what you see as your fleet exp)
Bc - fleet B ship count
Bx - fleet B exp per ship (it`s that what you see as your fleet exp)
Cx - joinded fleet exp per ship
Cx = (Ac * Ax + Bc + Bx) / (Ac + Bc)

if fleet Bx is 0 you get
Cx = Ac * Ax / (Ac + Bc)

if you want know how many ship you can add before lvl drops just put as Cx current lvl lower bound and use this:
Bc = floor(Ac * Bx / Cx ) - Ac

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Re: Xp per level

Just to clarify the math, all xesenix is doing is averaging the experience.   

the experience shown on fleets, is experience per ship in a fleet. 

To average multiple numbers, you add all numbers together, then divide by the amount of numbers you added together.   for instance.    if you had 5 2 3 2, to get the average you would simply 5+2+3+2= 12 then divide by how many sets you added together.   so it would be 12 / 4 = 3

Ship A has 5 experience
Ship B has 2 experience
Ship C has 3 experience
Ship D has 2 experience

If you made those individual ships into a fleet of 4 ships.  all ships in the fleet would have 3 experience each.

So when merging two(or more) sets of fleets, you have to first break them down into individual ships. 
Fleet A has 400 ships with 300 experience
Fleet B has 200 ships with 700 experience

Fleet A 400*300=120000 (the sum of experience in the fleet)
Fleet B 200*700=140000
then you add the amount of ships involved together, and also both sums together on their own.
You will end up with the sum of experience 260000 exp, divided by the sum of ships which is 600
260000 / 600 = 433exp
New Fleet = 600 ships with 433exp

Sorry to be redundant, but knowing whats going on, is generally better than simply following a formula.  hope this helps someone.

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Re: Xp per level

thx both of you, rly helped (espacally the clarification tongue )

Re: Xp per level

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