Topic: No way to disband alliance

I have tried demolsihing IGC too, not working. Now I am only member of alliance and deleting myself requires removing role, which is impossible.


Re: No way to disband alliance

Go to alliance screen then go to "controls" tab and scroll down, you will see "disband" button.

Re: No way to disband alliance

On a related note, I've noticed coalitions become unmanageable if one alliance looses it's leader(s) to inactivity.  There should be a mechanic for voting alliances out of a coalition (maybe even a majority vote instead of unanimous just in case of serious decay).  I don't know how things went on other servers, but on US-2, we saw the Guardians of Avalon -> StarDragons Reborn -> Vortex of Subspace reform over and over again every-time a leader decided to quit w/o appointing a diplomatic officer.

Another alternative solution would be a mechanic for all active players (who have logged in within the last 3 days) to vote on a new Head in case their current head isn't doing a good job... this might be even better because it would introduce an extra element of politics to the game.