Topic: Neutrino scanner

The neutrino scanner would be more useful if it was on engineering ships instead of frigates. You don't always want the neutrino scanner active and there is no off switch. By moving it onto the engineer you have an effective on/off switch by including the engineer or not in the fleet.

This change could be made without disrupting the game. Just move it onto the engineer one day and adjust the research description.  You will always have engineers by the time it is researched. It would be disruptive to move it onto destroyers since they come after it in the tech tree.

Re: Neutrino scanner

The only problem with this is that the ability to do a combat recon with a hyperjump prep time of only 23 seconds is lost when the neutrino scanners is moved to engines. I honestly think it's better to keep it on frigates while including an on and off switch for the frigates.