Topic: Total amount of resources

As much as i love math, and i do love math, i still hate having to add up how many ships i'll need to get a comet or anomaly.  It's really just a pain in the butt, i can do it, heck i can even write a program to do it for me, but that would just be cheating.   I would much rather see the total amount of resources a comet or anomaly has.   

Please, can you add that to the game.  It would make it so much more pleasurable to play in my opinion, because as it stands, that little bit of extra math time, takes me into a world of annoyance, which is away from other thoughts i would rather be having.

Re: Total amount of resources

I have added this task to queue, it will be implemented. Thank you for suggestion.

Re: Total amount of resources

And maybe for comets divide it by current ship capacity thats even less math dividing by 120 its easy in base12 systems by kind of annoying in decimal.