Topic: Game rules

1. General.

1.1. In-game accounts are a part of the game and are owned by the management.

1.2. A player is a person who registered or received access to an account.

1.3. Player’s access to his account can be stopped in accordance with these rules or, in exceptional circumstances, by the        decision of the management.

1.4. All players using game services should accept and agree to these rules.

1.5. The management shall not be liable for the consequences of a player sharing his personal data and/or confidential        information with third parties.

1.6. Management retains the right to change/update these rules without notifying or seeking the prior approval of        players.

2. Players’ rights and obligations.

2.1. Player’s rights and freedoms:

  • Right to use game service in any way that does not go against the law and these rules;

  • Right of non disclose of his personal data and confidential information (e-mail addresses, social networks accounts, passwords, ip addresses that a player uses to access the game). Except in cases when the aforementioned information can be provided by the management in order to protect other players’ interests and/or to validate the management’s actions regarding a player.

2.2. Player’s obligations:

  • Respect the rights and freedoms of other players;

  • Use his rights and freedoms without violating the rights and freedoms of other players;

  • Adhere to limits assigned by the given Game rules.

3. Prohibited acts and penalties.

3.1. Using profanity and offensive language in any form toward anyone is prohibited. The penalty is a temporary block for        6 to 72 hours. For each subsequent violation of this clause the blocking time can be doubled.

3.2. Cheating and using automated means for combat, trading, messaging, map movement and any other automation of        the game process is prohibited. The penalty is a permanent account block till the end of a round.

3.3. Creating and using additional accounts is prohibited. The penalty consists of blocking of the additional account and a        temporary block of the main account for 1 to 7 days for each of additional accounts depending on in-game        advantages received.

3.4. Revealing confidential information about an account to third parties is prohibited. The penalty is a permanent account        block.

3.5. Extortion, blackmail, panhandling and threats of violence in real life are prohibited. The penalty is a temporary block        for 24 to 120 hours. The blocking time is doubled for each subsequent violation of this clause.

3.6. Distribution of malicious links on the forum, chat, through the private mail, in descriptions of a character, alliance or         coalition is prohibited. Advertising of third-party online game projects with (or without) using referral ids (rewards for        advert distributor) and sites offering online income (pyramid investment schemes) is prohibited. Sharing links for        sites with password-stealing or password-phishing software is prohibited. The penalty is a permanent or temporary        block from 24 hours to more, depending on damage inflicted and the intensity of distribution.

3.7. Posting any messages that hamper reading forum, chat or private mail, as well as spam, flood and off topic        messages, is prohibited. The penalty is a temporary block from 24 hours to more, depending on damage inflicted and        the intensity of distribution.

3.8. Distribution of nationalist slogans and insults, statements that can lead to interethnic hatred and hostility or trigger        religious-based disputes is prohibited. The penalty is a temporary block from 24 hours to more, depending on        damage inflicted and the intensity of distribution. The penalty for repeated violation of this clause is permanent        blocking of an account.

3.9. Unapproved access to someone else’s account – any kind of illegal entry and wrongful access to other person’s        account. The penalty is a permanent block.

3.10. Distribution and advertising of pornographic material and committing lewd acts is prohibited. The penalty is a        permanent block.

4. Additional clauses.

4.1. For violating the rules, user account is blocked for a required period with specifying the type of violation. The        remainder of his credits is frozen for the blocking period.

4.2. A player receives permanent blocking for offering a bribe, including indirect bribing, as well as for public accusation of        corruption among the management.

4.3. The person provoking others to violate these rules receives the same penalty as a rule violator.

5. Terminology.

5.1. Temporary block – banning a player from accessing the game for a specified period of time, the description of a        clause violated is provided in the commentary.

5.2. Permanent block – banning a player from accessing the game for an unspecified period of time or forever, the        description of a clause violated is provided in the comments.

5.3. Profanity – any foul word or phrase used expressly or implicitly in easily recognizable form.

5.4. Cheating – exploiting any kind of errors found in the game algorithm or using automated means for personal        advantage not allowed by the system, for enrichment or inflicting any kind of damage on the game or other players.

5.5. Additional account – an account created and managed by the same person or group of people.

5.6. Confidential information – information that is not accessible to third parties through the game client, including        account access details.

5.7. Extortion and blackmail – demands to turn over resources or money without any guarantees of return, using any        motive, threat of revealing any information, threat of committing acts of violence or other illegal acts.

5.8. Panhandling – recurrent requests for resources or money toward one or several other characters without any        guarantees of return.

5.9. Threats of violence – threats of inflicting physical harm against the owner of an account or solving in-game problems        with violent methods by face-to-face meetings with players.

5.10. Malicious links – links that artificially increase the number of clicks or open additional windows, links for sites          containing viruses, pornographic or offensive material and content that contradicts the current legislation.

5.11. Spam – advertising messages sent to the private mail of players and so on, in other words – outside of special          sections designated for it.

5.12. Flood – frequent (three and more times) repetition of the same message or messages that do not contain          informative content.

5.13. Off topic – messages that do not concern the topic of discussion, posted outside of special sections designated for          it.

5.14. Nationalist slogans – statements that create interethnic enmity, call for actions against other nationalities and          nations and suggest supremacy of one nation or nationality over others.

5.15. Nationalist insults – statements that insult or degrade the national identity of other participants; derogatory,
         non-politically correct or sarcastic remarks about players of other nationalities.

5.16. Distribution – active actions that result in distributed materials possibly or actually becoming public (offers to          purchase or post materials and other actions that led to this information being viewed by more than 1 person).

5.17. Advertising – passive actions that result in distributed materials possibly or actually becoming public (in-game          posting of links leading to the corresponding material, posting information in the game).

5.18. Pornographic materials – images or text descriptions of primary reproductive organs and sexual intercourse.          Materials of erotic content – images or text descriptions of naked bodies and body parts.

5.19. Lewd acts – acts of coercing or expressing one’s desires regarding a specific character or any kind of prompting of          another player to commit acts of sexual or lewd nature.

Re: Game rules

A few questions.

1. Rule 3.5 - Can we threaten to invade another players planet?  If not, isn't that part of in game politics?
2. Rule 3.6 - If people are talking about something in chat (for example, the price of cars) can we post links related to the coversation (for example, a dealership website)?
3. Rule 3.6 - If we play other games besides EMP, can we post referral links in our profile as long as we aren't actively recruiting for the other game?  If not, can we at least put our Armor Games Profile link into are in game profile (that is where I post my "EMP Battlelog" due to it being too long for the in game profile)?


I'm pressed but not crushed.
Persecuted but not abandoned.
Struck down but not destroyed.

Re: Game rules

1. Yes you can, but polite, without swearing.
2. Yes certainly.
3. No referral link allowed.

Re: Game rules

3. Ok, so no referral links.  But can those of us who play from Armor Games link our Armor Games account profile?  I have a "Battle Log" recording my battles in EMP-game.  But it is too long for my in game profile.  So, I posted it on my Armor Games profile.


I'm pressed but not crushed.
Persecuted but not abandoned.
Struck down but not destroyed.

Re: Game rules

Sure you can do that.

Re: Game rules

I've seen two of my alliance members reset, and I am wondering if they were reset by administrative action is there a way to see that?
It would be helpful to me if an explanation were given if this was due to a rules violation or personal choice to reset.
Thanks for your time.

Re: Game rules

There's no way to see that information  it is private. But you can ask them.

Re: Game rules

Is writing script for counting sum of resources and needed ships against 3.2. if yes please ad this its not horrible hard to do?

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