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After abandon a +10+10+10 resource station and taking under control a +50 Radium bonus ...
just take a look at the file attached......
pls fix it smile

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You are looking at the wrong place for the bonus. Look at each planet, hover your mouse over your radium production amount, and a box with the resource station bonus should come up.

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Brep, I saw his problem when he posted it on the questions, he does have a problem but he posted the wrong image

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He posted the wrong image both times, therefore it is possible that there is no bug after all.

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If you think its a bug, please give me your in-game nick.

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I have the same bug, but posted it on the wrong topic it seems...

Post as follows.

Image above, the sum of my planets production makes my total, the 10% is being ignored.

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Any mods still looking?