Topic: The Obtuse Clusterphobic

Hello there!

I am the head of The Obtuse Clusterphobic. Our name is based on math (obtuse is an angle greater than 90 degrees) and silliness (how can a person be afraid of a cluster?). We focus on collaboration between players in the cluster. We also focus on defense and sharing of resources between the members when a member needs resources. We do not raid any active players (unless they directly attack us, in which case we will retaliate in our defense), and we focus on colonizing empty star systems. Raiding of inactive players is fine and is commonly practiced. More details can be found in-game on our alliance description.

Anyone in our cluster who would like to join us can request to join in-game. Any requests on the forums will not be considered.


Re: The Obtuse Clusterphobic

We have recently released our own Magento Extension. This does have some options for passing across additional fields from Magento
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