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more than one suggestion - but be prepared.... my English are not fluent sad

Galaxy Map:

1: Options to hide / Show only various things...
like Active/inactiv Systems
Show / hide Comets ( perhaps show level / or not to show levels )
Show / Hide Anomalys
Show / Hide Player + with/without Alliances

2: Zoom grades
i will it explain, a little bit diffult for me... see on top ;P
on the farthest zoom grade it´s okay - perhaps more alliances - seems that place enough to mark 15 alliances
on the next ( one step closer ) more alliances territory - for more informations who rule the cluster yikes) ( and who not ^^ )
on the next closer grade, thats only my oppinion, put better information for the alliances - but not really important

Perhaps it is possible to bruise 2 or 3 options into one Leaderboard... perhaps with or without different marking. Population / Attack / defense in one leaderboard in different row but parallel

and, one compliment:
It´s a great game... no glitter blinkk blink and animation - i dont like thoose games who every thing spins around or make smoke or whatever smile

€dit: Sry... can someone push it to the suggestion part ? ;D

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/push - Don´t forget to move yikes)

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Nice suggestion thank you! We have planned to add map filters and more details.