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App lock apk is the mobile screening and applications locking application. User Interface is very nice and it takes the very less amount of memory from your phone.App lock apk is the best application comparing another Application. There is some feature are updated in this App lock Application. There is more android application here UNIQSOFTS.
There is some Applications for screen locking and Application locking is here:
1.Gesture  App Lock
2.App Faker
3.Pattern App Lock
4.FingerPrint App Lock

spy phone is an android application which helps users to spy his family, friends and other neighbors if you have one-time access to their mobile. spy phone App has a lot of features but it is limited because of security reasons. Some features are available as the paid features like making the application invisible on victim’s phone. It is created by the developers on a thought of Parental Control and later we decided to release this for common purposes.Now it has only some features available and later it is available with a lot of features like locking the application. You can download the application from play store and also from this website.Download spy phone here: spy phone

callername Announceris the android application which helps you to read the contact name or number while receiving incoming call or message. You can get the application from play store as well as from here. Don’t miss any important calls or message received from your important persons.You can use this callername Announcer to announce the caller name or number while receiving the incoming call or message even when your phone is in the silent mode.

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