Topic: Deputies or Vacation?


The in-game descriptions about those 2 options are a bit vague... It seems like the deputies will be able to rule my empire as if they were me, that seems interesting if I want my account to grow while I'm in vacation. But there's also a vacation mode, which is not explained... What does it do? And can deputies manage my empire while it is in vacation mode? Also, I know that innactives start rotting after 14 days, I'm leaving for 3 weeks, will deputies prevent the my empire to rot? I can certainly log in once or twice anyways to prevent that, just curious.

Thanks for your answers.

Re: Deputies or Vacation?

Deputies can manage your empire as if they were you, but they have no access to credits \ payments and private massages. You can have 2 deputies. Vacation mode protects you from attacks (you can't attack player in vacation mod). It also reduces resource mining to base quantities. Your account will not "rot" while you in vacation mode. Deputies can't log in while you in vocation mode.

Re: Deputies or Vacation?

Are one's resource stations immune to attacks when in vacation mode?

Re: Deputies or Vacation?

Yes they are, hmm at least they have to be immune.