Topic: Possible Bug

Hi there,

I've been playing the game for over a week and I was supposed to have triggered a mission called 'SOS' at some point according to some of the things I've read online and the people in the Triangulum Galaxy chat. I checked my logs and I only have these so far:

Reconnaissance Mission (x2) - One for debris, one for first encounter with the ancients
Initial Message from the start of the game

I feel like the mission was supposed to trigger a while ago, but I have no option for completing it. I also have already completed a beat a lvl 2-3 anomaly mission, which someone mentioned might have been the pre-requisite, but again, I still do not have the option of the mission.

I am concerned if this is a bug, other players will be at the same disadvantage as I am with missing out on a possible second planet for a week or two as the reward is three colony ships. Please let me know if there is some other requirement I needed to complete. Thanks!

Re: Possible Bug

Please give me you ingame nick (you can do it via privat message) and server you are plying on.