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Hi everyone,

i am not sure if i produce and use fighters or frigates.

1 Frigate costs more than 5 to 10  fighters.

Frigates are faster has got a bigger storage but 5 fighters has got mare ATK and DEF.

O.K. there is a big ATK+ to small units but.... i am not sure which to use.

Re: Fighter or Frigate?

use both

Re: Fighter or Frigate?

Personally i prefer frigates, but if you need firepower early game you probably would like to build fighters.

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The fighters are more efficient in attack and defense per ressource committed. The frigate is better in term of capacity. And to finish, the frigate is more tanky than the fighter (in a battle with the same powerfire you will lose more fighters than  frigates).

PS: don't forget the bonus damage of each spaceship. If you wanna fight unmanned ancients' spaceship the frigate is better. If you wanna fight a player who have a lot of heave spaceship build fighter

Re: Fighter or Frigate?

I suggest a healthy mix of both.  The frigates will be tank-like and carry lots of resources while the fighters (which you should have more of) will be the casualties of the battles.  For example, I keep an "EMP Battlelog" on my Armor Games profile, which you can view here:

If you look, my most recent post will say this:  082914 - I attacked a level 5 anomaly. Battle consisted of my 900 fighters and 50 frigates vs. 108 Ancients. 58 fighters were lost in battle. All 108 Ancients were destroyed. 5 frigates were found. I attacked a level 4 anomaly. Battle consisted of my 900 fighters and 55 frigates vs. 53 Ancients. 5 fighters were lost in battle. All 53 Ancients were destroyed. 14 fighters were found.

Notice, two battles, but all loses were on the fighters.  Since I collected all the resources (thanks to the frigates) I easily replaced them and continued conquering anomalies.  FWI, I don't suggest doing anomaly level 6 with what I posted above, unless you have more ships or better ships due to the massive ancient ship count.


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