1 Sticky, Closed: Your ideas on how to improve the game.

by phobos

7 342 3Shape TRIOS v1.2.1.4

by coolcr028

9 alliance chat sound

by Trceni

11 Group Messaging (mail)

by PK_Phenom

12 Exploration missions on planets

by Commissar Yarrick

13 System swicthing

by Kiluad

15 Neutrino scanner

by jonsmirl

16 Supernovas

by Kiluad

17 Large Shipyard

by Iones_Nesquik

20 Carriers for slower units

by Iones_Nesquik

21 Orbital Resource Dock

by RicartElit

23 cancel ship construction

by lindley09

25 Alliance Only Dock

by Quivernas

26 Forum

by az

28 paypal

by lindley09

29 Fleet capacity

by csharpmao

30 Some ideas

by RicartElit