1 Sticky, Closed: Your ideas on how to improve the game.

by phobos

9 342 3Shape TRIOS v1.2.1.4

by coolcr028

11 alliance chat sound

by Trceni

13 Group Messaging (mail)

by PK_Phenom

14 Exploration missions on planets

by Commissar Yarrick

15 System swicthing

by Kiluad

17 Neutrino scanner

by jonsmirl

18 Supernovas

by Kiluad

19 Large Shipyard

by Iones_Nesquik

22 Carriers for slower units

by Iones_Nesquik

23 Orbital Resource Dock

by RicartElit

25 cancel ship construction

by lindley09

27 Alliance Only Dock

by Quivernas

28 Forum

by az

30 paypal

by lindley09